The Tragic Roman Film (Octavia)

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Octavia The tragic Roman film, Octavia, was published in 69 AD. Octavia was written by Seneca, directed by Danielle C.N. Zappa, and choreographed by Danielle C.N. Zappa and The Ensemble. Seneca’s full name is Lucius Annaeus Seneca, but was better known as, “Seneca the Younger.” Seneca wrote a great number of tragedies during his time, his final one being Octavia or Octave (this cannot be fully proven, because it’s said that this play was written by someone other than Seneca, who knows Seneca’s tragedies and style of writing inside out, but for now, I will leave it as Seneca’s play, for reference purposes). The name, Octavia, originates from the Latin language. Octavia means the “eighth born child,” which, however, doesn’t seem to have any…show more content…
Without a plot, there won’t be a story. Within the focus of three days, Claudius Octavia, played by Gabrielle Evans, will be divorced and extradited by her husband, Nero, who is played by Christopher Then. After the extradition of Octavia, she was executed and her head was sent back to Rome to show proof of her execution. Nero had affairs with Poppaea, played by Vanessa Tlachi, who he soon married. Nero was a hardcore murderer of this play. Nero says that he doesn’t fear the Gods for he creates them, which shows egoism. The main plot of this play was to have Nero take the…show more content…
The main characters of this play were of course, Octavia, Nero, Poppaea, The Ghost of Agrippina (played by Kalia Narruhn, and The Chorus. The supporting characters of this play were: Octavia’s nurse (played by Emily Stine), Octavia’s torments (played by Alexa Puppo and Johnny X. Wang), Seneca (played by Frank Provenzano), Fate (also played by Vanessa Tlachi), the drummer and Poppaea’s Nurse (both played by Krystal Bowers), Prefect (also played by Johnny X. Wang), and the Messenger (also played by Alexa Puppo). I will include some part of the plot and some background history of Octavia in this paragraph. Octavia’s father, Claudius, married Agrippina (not the mother of Octavia, but the mother of Nero). Basically, Octavia married her step-brother, Nero. Claudius was said to be poisoned, and it can be argued whether or not Claudius was poisoned by his own wife, Agrippina. Agrippina wanted Nero to take the throne, which Claudius held at the time. After the death of Claudius, Nero held the throne at age 17. Nero started having an affair with Octavia, with a girl named Poppaea. Agrippina did not approve of this, and for this reason, Nero wanted his mother dead. Nero sent his mother to the oceans for her to drown. His mother came back safely without drowning, and so he sent someone known as Prefect to have her murdered… You have to be very crazy and have multiple disorder problems to commit such a

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