The Importance Of Animal Conservation

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Animal conservation has always been a topic people should be aware of, but sometimes it is not always about saving the elephants, tigers, or giant pandas. Sometimes animal conservation is about animals that most people never knew existed until it is too late. Dominique Mosbergen and Nick Visser have written multiple articles together for the Huffington Post, and most are about animal conservation or awareness to certain species that need high lightening in the hopes that something could be done to save them. Publicity and spreading the word is exactly why they wrote the narrative non-fiction Huffington Post article, “The Desperate Gambit That Could Save A Tiny Porpoise From Extinction … Or Kill It” (2017). Mosbergen and Visser use elaborate words such as “panda of the sea” and “tragedy” in order to reel the reader in and to gain sympathy. These words alone are genius to use because almost everyone knows and has knowledge of the giant panda coming close to extinction. If someone references another animal’s extinction status to the giant panda, it is demanding to be noticed.…show more content…
Instead of writing about the issue of the vaquita going extinct without any information, they give numbers to show the severity of the issue. For example, “In the late 1990s… an estimated total population of 567 individuals… by 2007, their numbers plunged to 150; they were down to 60 in early 2016.” (Mosbergen and Visser 2017). In the span of almost two decades a species is almost gone, thankfully Mosbergen and Visser go on to explain why the vaquita, a small porpoise found primarily in Mexico’s Gulf of California, is going extinct. The reason?

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