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known by the public considering the widespread nature of the phenomenon. Some specific cases, however, have enjoyed considerable attention such as the mortality of Hawaiian petrels and shearwaters (Reed et at. 1985). Deaths of these birds were substantially reduced after each of the entities responsible for the harmful lighting became convinced that their light management efforts would result in reduced bird mortality. The flashing strobes on modern communication and navigation towers are used primarily for their effectiveness in attracting human attention (thus deterring aircraft strikes and ship groundings). If experimental evidence confirms what anecdotal observations suggest. Replacement of constant or blinking sources with strobes may…show more content…
More animals are belonging to diurnal animals. They have a high competition in hunting food because of other predators. Diurnal animals hunt at day while nocturnal search food at night. Therefore, in this case, both animals can find their food without competing each other. Many animals that live in extremely hot and arid places avoid the heat of the day and water loss by being active at night. This case is common at animals which live at dry places or at desserts. We all know how high the temperature at that place. It is dangerous for humans and also for animals to go outside with a high temperature like that. So, in order to survive the heat they only come out at night where the temperature is cold and it’s their time to hunt their food. Many animals are active at night to avoid predators. Nevertheless, because a life of animals and also humans are usually about competition, there are also predators waiting for their victim. Small animals or insects are easy to spot especially if their predators live in trees or can fly. Small animals have better chance of going unnoticed as they forage for food and water at night. Second is the prey that comes out at night, which happens to be a nocturnal also. It is hard to hunt food at night but predators usually equip with great hearing and eyesight. Others use echolocation to hunt

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