Essay On Conservation Of Species

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2.2. CONCEPT OF BIODIVERSITY It has been estimated that more than 50 million species of plants, animals and micro-organisms are existing in the world. Out of these, about 1.4 million species have been identified so far. Each species is adapted to live in specific environment, from mountain peaks to the depth of seas, from polar ice caps to tropical rain forests and deserts. All this diversity of life is confined to only about one kilometre thick layer of lithosphere hydrosphere and atmosphere which form biosphere. Though the study of environment and ecology is quite old, the term biodiversity has been introduced by Walter Rosen in 1986. Scientists are aware of the immense potentials of various life-forms existing on the earth. Our planet’s…show more content…
(12) The habitats of migratory birds should be protected by bilateral and multilateral agreement. (13) The over exploitation of useful products of wild life should be prevented. (14) The useful animals, plants and their wild relatives should be protected both in their natural habitat (in-situ) and in zoological botanical gardens (ex-situ) (15) Efforts should be made for setting up of National parks and wild life sanctuaries to safeguard the genetic diversity and their continuing evolution. (16) Environmental laws should be strictly followed. Conservation Methods: There are two types of conservation methods namely in-situ and ex-situ conservations. Let us discuss the different conservation methods along with their importance. (a) In situ conservation: The conservation of species in their natural habitat or natural ecosystem is known as in situ conservation. In the process, the natural surrounding or ecosystem is protected and maintained so that all the constituent species (known or unknown) are conserved and benefited. The factors which are detrimental to the existence of species concerned are eliminated by suitable mechanism. The different advantages of in situ conservation are as follows: (a) If is a cheap and convenient way of
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