Internship Definition

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Definition of Internship ‘‘Internship’’ term definition is a ‘‘bridge’’ from classroom to workplace. (Colloins, 2002). According to Furco (1996), students improve their skills and capabilities of issues related to a particular part of study by internships programs. Professional knowledge and vocational development will be developed during internship because students can obtained professional talent and ability. Internships may be salaried or voluntary and take place in either for-profit or non-profit organizations. Students are receiving their experience and closely supervised during internship because internship are ‘supervised work experience’. ‘Supervised work experience’ is the important experiences on which graduates base their career…show more content…
Interns generally represent a low cost-per-hire. For example, the pay rate is normally lower than for a permanent employee and there are usually no benefits costs, such as health insurance or retirement. Hiring an intern also provides the business with an opportunity to evaluate the student's work and to cultivate potential long term employees. For some employers, interns provide an excellent source for filling positions during peak periods of activity without making long-term commitments. As noted, it is not uncommon for an intern to be hired by her or his internship employer. In such cases the business has the benefit of hiring a "known quantity" who needs less on-the-job training to become productive in the organization. Interns typically want to perform well during their internship because they realize that the experience and recommendations can be very beneficial in finding a permanent position. Interns perceive the internship training as not able to give them the expected benefits. However, the internship is regarded as successfully providing guidance to them in choosing their career path as well as in enhancing their knowledge of accounting and auditing. If future career and readiness are two important learning outcomes to be achieved in accounting training among undergraduates, the universities should consider lengthening the duration of this training. The universities need to clearly define the learning outcomes and assess the students based on the desired learning
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