Endangered Species In The United States

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Indeed, over time a trend of human caused extinction has developed and played out consistently throughout history increasing in rate as human development has progressed and populations have expanded. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in the United States. According to conservative estimates, since major European settlement began, around 500 years ago, the rate of extinctions has skyrocketed to 100 times the natural background rate (standford). Although the actual numbers are thought to be much higher, the number of documented extinctions in the United States, in just the last 500 years, totals around 540 species as recorded in the Natural Heritage Central Databases (precous heritage). These have included animals such as the woodland bison of West Virgina, Arizona's Merriam's elk, the carolina parokeet, the passenger pigeon, the California grizzly bear, and the carribian monk seal.…show more content…
As awareness has grown surrounding the devastating effects of human development on the natural ecosystems of plants and animals, of which we depend on and benefit from, movements for preservation, conservation, and recovery efforts have

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