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Mike Shot Sharks And Saved Them “We provoke a shark every time we enter the water where sharks happen to be, for we forget: The ocean is not our territory - it's theirs.” - Peter Benchley (Author, best known for his novel 'Jaws') It is interesting that Benchley should say that because it is perhaps “Jaws” (1975), more than any other work of art, that is responsible for the unreasonable and unjustified fear that humans have of sharks. The premise of his story though is based upon a true incident in 1916 where people along the New Jersey (USA) coast were subject to attacks by a shark, and post which they entered popular culture as killers. Experts are still not certain though as to what provoked the shark. Jaws is not of course the first and…show more content…
Their disappearance would be devastating to the ecology of the ocean and ultimately the planet, and would impact us in ways we cannot even begin to imagine. And so altering the perception of these magnificent beasts and their importance is essential as people do not know and so do not care. If anything, the fear adds to the apathy. And that is why a documentary like “Shores of Silence: Whale Sharks in India” is so important. Directed by accomplished filmmaker Mike Pandey, who specialises in movies about wildlife, environment, biodiversity and species conservation, the film was made with the intention to build awareness, gather support to protect and conserve the species as well as create policies to ban whale shark trade in India and find sustainable alternatives for the local fishing community. This film moved the government of India into bringing in legislation and banning the killing of the Whale Sharks on Indian shores as well as declaring it protected under the Indian Wildlife Act, 1972, bringing it at par with the tigers and the rhino. This was the first marine species to be protected under this…show more content…
In an interview to the Hindu he conveyed his philosophy, "I want my films to make a difference. I don't make films to make money but to initiate a change locally, nationally and globally. As I understand, the Government can be slow and may be even unconcerned but I have to bring out issues and create an atmosphere where conservation is not something that a handful of people demand but is a global responsibility. I make film from my heart, which is why they carry the power to bring about a

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