How Does Tobacco Affect The World

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Tobacco consumption around the world has been growing at a steady pace since the beginning of the 20th century and this has created global problems related to the health of the people. In some countries like Canada, Australia, Germany and many others the tobacco consumption has decreased while in countries it has remained the same. The amount of people that consume tobacco will and is increasing because of the expansion of the world’s population even if the consumption rates fall. It is expected for the global consumption to increase by 2 billion people in the next 15 years. There are near 1 billion tobacco consumers in the world. Tobacco is the responsible for 6 million deaths worldwide every year. Tobacco stimulates the nervous system and makes the blood pressure and the heart rate increase. Most people use it to relax from a stressful situation and since it makes them feel good it becomes an addiction. The most common way of consuming tobacco is by cigarettes or cigars, but there are also other ways like chewing tobacco or using a hookah, which is a method preferred by the younger people.…show more content…
Because of this situation many countries like Brazil, Canada, Singapore and Thailand started taking action by putting pictures of the different ways smoking tobacco could affect their body in the cigarettes packages which was suggested by the World Health Organization. Other ways countries are taking action is by raising taxes in tobacco. But even if it seems like a lot of countries do this, it only represents a low percentage of the world because there are still countries like Israel in which there is a minimal restriction regarding the selling of tobacco, and there are other countries where there is no restrictions at

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