The Impact Of International Travel And Tourism

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Tourism has always been a major component to national income for many countries such as Spain, Turkey, France and Egypt. International travel and tourism is a significant contributor to economic growth and expansion with worldwide progress in international tourist arrivals overtaking national income growth one out of every two years over the past 30 years, and 1 billion tourists have travelled the world in 2012. This growth is equal to a 4% surge in international tourist arrivals over the previous year which stretched to 1,035 million in 2012. An additional US$ 219 billion was recorded in receipts from international passenger transport, bringing total exports generated by international tourism in 2012 to US$ 1.3 trillion For many developing…show more content…
Thus, it has been observed that destinations that develop an unsafe reputation can be substituted by alternative destinations or cities that are perceived as safer for tourists. Crimes and acts of terrorism committed against the travel and tourism industry effect tourism by damaging the destination or city image and instilling fear in potential tourists. Travel and tourism‘s demonstrated economic success does not shield it from the sinister power of terrorism. While numerous natural and human-caused disasters can significantly impact the flow of tourists, the threat of danger that accompanies terrorism tends to intimidate potential tourists more severely. However, the fear of random terrorist violence is not anything new, but the heightened attention it has commanded from scholars can be traced back to the 11th September 2001 terrorists’ attacks in the USA. The terrorism and tourism literature has several foci: terrorists' motives for targeting tourists or the industry; impacts of terrorism on tourism demand; and possible solutions for tourists to help minimize their…show more content…
Other tourism sectors where effected gradually since 2011 as the continuous unrest in Egypt and the war in Syria which reduced the number of combined tours dramatically, followed by the continuous alerts by the European and Asian ministries of foreign affairs warning its nationals from travelling to the Middle East, which forced many tour operators to shift their packages to other countries like Cyprus. Such challenge forced Jordanian authorities represented by Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) to push its limited resources to market Jordan as the safest spot in the region. In addition, Jordanian authorities were forced to face another new challenge after the assassination of the late lieutenant Pilot Al

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