Poverty: The Greatest Enemy Of The Environment

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“Poverty is the greatest enemy of the environment” Poverty has and will always have it’s place in our world.As the rich prospers and increase their standard of living,the poor continues to get poorer and poorer, facing more and more challenges such as malnutrition and the lack of access to clean water.Poverty is defined as the state of being extremely poor or the condition of being inferior in quality and insufficient in amount.An enemy is one who deliberately sabotages and make things extremely difficult for the other.Poverty can worsen the state of our environment but it is not the biggest enemy or threat to it.Poverty can degrade our environment through “unhealthy” and excessive migration, and urbanisation of LDCs. Poverty can cause…show more content…
There was an increase in dumping of toxic industrial wastes into clean water sources and toxic pollutantns in the atmosphere.These changes the living conditions of aquatic and non aquatic life in Beijing, causing extinction of many species.As such , the fear of…show more content…
On top of that she even denied the existence of global warming, showing how much she belittles this problem

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