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Food Pyramid for Kids Keyword: food pyramid for kids The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that childhood obesity rate has risen more than thrice in the last three decades. Experts agree that the key to prevention of this serious health problem is modification of lifestyle habits, which include eating a healthy diet and regular exercise. They also encourage the use of the food pyramid for kids as a guide to eating healthy, balanced meals. Part 1: Food Pyramid for Kids and My Plate A food or diet pyramid is a diagram that represents the optimal amount of servings of the basic food groups a child should eat each day to achieve health. The first one was published in 1974 in Sweden, but the concept of a Food Guide Pyramid was…show more content…
Your teacher probably asked you to memorize what these rainbow stripes represented. However, the USDA, a government agency responsible for nutrition, has substituted the food pyramid for kids with a new symbol called MyPlate, a colorful plate with a similar message: eating a variety of foods, with some foods being consumed more than other foods. Just as the food pyramid has stripes with different widths, the plate is divided to show that one must eat more grains, fruits and vegetables than protein. Part 2: What Do Kids Need? How Much Do They Need? To maintain health, your kids must eat a variety of foods that provide many essential nutrients. An easy way to remember this is to make sure that each meal contains food from no less than three of the five groups, and that every snack has food from at least two of the groups. This is why it is important for parents to know more about the five food groups to make sure their kids are getting most of their meals and

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