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There is a link between terrorism and tourism but it is not simple. Terrorism does not seem to have a big effect on domestic tourism but mostly affects international tourism. If a host country has had widespread media attention to a terrorism event, tourist numbers see a major drop from selected areas. Low level terrorism gradually reduces tourism over a period of time, and surprise, brutal attacks have an immediate negative impact. The prevalence of violence is more important than the enormity of terrorist attacks and these attacks have negative economic consequences. The trend of most Western countries has been to issue travel advisories whenever there is an assumed threat of terrorist attacks around the world more so in developing countries.…show more content…
Terrorist activities reduce the number of tourists visiting affected areas and influence the amount of time that those who do travel stay in the destinations concerned. Tourism is one of the pillars of the 21st Century economy alongside information technology and telecommunications. In 2011, the earnings from tourism in Kenya rose by 32.8 per cent from Ksh.73.7 billion in 2010. The industry also provides 10.5% of employment around the globe which is a substantial chunk of any economy. It follows that Kenya and many other developing countries are dependent on tourism since it forms a substantial part of their GDP and anything that impacts on tourism will have a profound impact on their economies. However, due to the political issues that often crop up in such countries, there is often conflict that makes them more susceptible to terrorist attacks. The ramifications of these threats and attacks on tourist numbers are grave to the local economy and the country’s economy at large. Towns like Mombasa, Malindi, Lamu and etc. are mainly tourist towns where residents mainly depend on the industry to drive the local

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