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2.5 Format of Mobile Advertising The meaning of the term "Mobile Advertising" has become more diverse due to advancement of technology. Mobile advertising uses mobile devices as the platform for advertising such as smartphone (e.g. IPhone, Android phones), tablet (e.g. IPad, Samsung Galaxy Pad). Specifically, mobile device can be defined as "limited to portable, handheld devices that have wireless capability (3G, Wi-Fi, LTE, WiMAX)" (Weller and Calcott, 2012, p. 2).. At first, the main feature of mobile phone is enable users to call each other’s, however as time goes by the mobile services such as text messaging service already grown rapidly (Jayawardhena et al., 2009) and it still continues emerging to a better mobile services to the mobile users.…show more content…
26), a mobile app is “typically downloaded to a smart phone from an app store to enable the phone user to more easily accomplish a task that can range from checking the weather to comparing products and services". In general, mobile application is defined as a mobile app that provides users with entertainment (e.g. games), performs daily task (e.g. alarms), mobile commerce (e.g. Amazon), and ultimately helps the users to handle their daily routine in a more convenient way (Hew et al., 2015). There are many free apps available in the apps store, but usually consumers are reluctant to pay a single cent for the apps, and most of the time they would be reluctant to download the apps if required to pay (Helander, 2010). In tourism marketing, mobile application can offer valuable information through location based services (Coelho and Dias, 2011). Many free mobile apps (e.g. Four Square) provide location based services that alert consumers when they enter a certain geographical area (Banerjee and Dholakia, 2012). Apart from this, mobile web banner and mobile pop up advertisement also occur in the mobile application even though mobile users did not initiate the effort to explore the

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