The Giver Reflection

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The book is about the journey of Jonas, as he turns from Eleven to Twelve and was selected to be the next Receiver of Memory during which he discovers the capacity of emotions and valuing choices from a man called The Giver, that possesses the memories of the past. The main goal for Jonas was rather unclear as he just wanted to serve his community by doing his given Assignment. After almost a year since his Ceremony of Twelve it was brought to light after the realization of the impact memories have on the person and when Jonas’s Father released the twin, discovering what Release meant and how it was considered wrong for Jonas who decides to leave the community once and for all. To accomplish his newly found goal Jonas decided to escape from…show more content…
The Giver, I would consider to be one of the best books to read, as I read the former a year before, due to the depth it held without it being too complicated for readers to understand. The writing style can be one of the best proses to read for its clear cut descriptions hence being more readable to beginners and younger audiences. Although it is not perfect, being that it also lacks some information about Jonas’s community where the book takes place. As a consequence, there is some information that is left vague to the audience despite the fact that it can symbolize Jonas’s lack of knowledge about what really goes around in the Community and Elsewhere. I would personally recommend this book to a few people whereas others would not bother to read it unless it was for school such as this project. In effect, the novel sparks a renewed interest with the concept of freedom and choice contrary to perfection and harmony. The book is not meant to be taken at face value so it gets subsequently judged as being too boring compared to the Young Adult literature of nowadays which is mostly filled with romantic love triangles and violence that recycle the same formula from other
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