Human Nature: The Relationship Between Human And Nature

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Think back on a time where you felt complete happiness and infinite. Did you notice or pay attention to all of your surroundings? Did you realize that in that moment, you and Nature were actually connected in a way? Earth as we know is a very complex and fragile item that we as humans have taken advantage of it and mistreat it in many ways. It can be said that Humans and nature have a very questionable relationship. The relationship between human and nature can be described in various ways; it can be beautiful and sometimes cruel. Based on their surrounding humans can accept nature as it is or make efforts to change it. The evolution of humans between nature can be seen as once loving to now a downward spiral. Nature could be seen as a poetic…show more content…
Nature plays an active roll in our everyday lives. Whether we are going for a walk around the block or driving from one destination to the next, you are surrounded by nature. Humans have adaptively developed alternative ways of coping with nature and how they choose to approach it. Forced to adapt to the constant climate change, using the resources that it has to provide, and cohabiting to the many different living creatures that it houses. Although as humans we are on a constant cycle throughout our lives getting from one place to the next we don’t realize how the earth itself is changing before our very eyes. Do we ever notice how much trash surrounds the streets and beaches? Or how plant life that was once so green and full of life, is now dried up and no longer houses what once lived there? It’s harsh way to put it but as humans, isn’t it our job to take care and nurture the world around us with all it has to offer…show more content…
With a dent in agriculture, settlements became permanent and big cities began to form. The new path where humankind decided to take shifted the downward spiral of the separation of humans to nature. The need to use nature for our everyday resources determined our continuing disregard of nature and what it has to offer us. Where once was a land full of wildlife, trees, and plants of all kinds now has big cities and neighborhood full of people and businesses. In some areas like Los Angeles for example, have congested freeways; streets and beaches full of trash, and places where once consisted of wildlife now consist of businesses and homes where we now live today. You now see less greenery due to our constant use for tresses for paper and the result of our wildfires that could be blamed on the drought and high temperatures that California has to offer

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