The Importance Of Ageing

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TITLE OF THE PAMPHLET: General knowledge and Etiquette at a glance. INTRODUCTION: 50 Years old (a half century) is a great milestone that one is always grateful to God to reach. Ageing is a wonderful privilege which worth celebrating. It changes one’s mind and perception of things. At 50 we can draw from years of experience on how to manage certain situations and people should be able to look onto us as people with great ideas, wisdom, experience and knowledge. Your words are definitely your own at the age of 50, meaning that you are old enough to be misled or deceived and one should be certain of his or her objective in life. There is always respect that goes with age and it is very important to prove them right. Leave the past and face the…show more content…
Have a look at this diagram below; this is an activity tree of self awareness. The tree represents people at different stages of their life, doing different things for different reasons. Find out where you are in life today on the tree and the reason for your choice. THE POWER OF SMILING: There are many languages in the world but smile speaks them all. Each day, try and make at least one person to smile. Mother Teresa a saint of our time said that “every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing”. A simple smile can go a long way to give life to somebody. It is a physical contact which brings something of God into human existence. Mother Teresa continues to advise everyone on the need to always have a smile on our lips for every person we assist or cared for because we never know how much good a simple smile can do. Use your smile to change the world and never allow the world to change your smile. Smiling is painless, it costs nothing but enriches. Smile is contagious; it attracts, heals, encourages, reassures, and gives energy and hope to both the giver and the receiver. Smiling is a gift. Make each new day count by helping someone smile.

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