Advantages Of Poverty In South Africa

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1. Introduction 1.1) Poverty is the state of being; having little money or few possessions; and not having enough money for the basic needs that people need to live properly. 1.2) I. Unemployment - Major cause in South Africa. There is not enough businesses to hire people or there is little or no employed staff in the business with the correct qualifications. II. Lack of Education -People do not have the sufficient education/skills to find a job, therefore making them a poverty stricken. III. Overpopulation - There is a vast number of people with little or no education/skills, and it is impossible to cater for all their needs. (Each individual) IV. Natural Disaster - Natural Disaster have struck in the community and they do not have any money…show more content…
Government grants are usually on a reimbursement organization, you might face hardship. Access to Free Basic Education One will be able to gain more knowledge and therefore opens more opportunities for them in the future. One may take it for granted and therefore do not perform their best -they abuse the privilege. Housing Most people can start to use their own money to build their houses as they will know that they will not be evicted Many people will have to wait a long time to receive an RDP houses, but in the meantime, they will have to continue to live in an informal settlement with no water and electricity with a possibility of a threat of eviction from the land. 2.3) Government intervention (such as welfares) is actually a good policy to help poor people sustain themselves for a short period of time . But, in order to fully eliminate their poverty, they have to eventually get a good job to sustain their own living, otherwise, the Government expenditures will increase the National Debt…show more content…
Informal traders buy goods and sell them without any records, informal traders can earn up to R100 000 per month, but they'll still be considered informal until their business is not registered. 4.1.2) Activity Effectiveness Ineffectiveness Gambling It creates hope within an individual that they can win by doing something, Someone will win a big bang of bucks even though that is usually the minority, it can help a person go from poverty to wealth. Many people have false hope, causes addiction to gambling so people never gain wealth, but instead develop a habit of wasting money. Informal Trading More freedom of trading money for goods because the seller can negotiate as they want, an informal trader doesn't have to provide for any employees in drastic lengths, informal traders can relocate easily because they do not do business in government owned buildings. Informal traders can change prices whenever and all the time as they need it, informal traders can often lie or deceive more conveniently, for their business. 5. Conclusion

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