The Importance Of Informal Caregibility

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Introduction The impacts from ageing population are growing. When people become frail, they cannot take care of themselves independently. The lost of independency is a great problem to everyone. In fact, this concern is unavoidable. When human gets old, his/her physical function deteriorates. In the stage of dependency, informal caregiver plays a crucial role in daily life. Informal caregivers are those friends or family member of the one who need help and they provide care without receiving money (Fowler, 2014). Usually, informal caregivers provide instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs) and activities of daily living (ADLs) for the care receiver. In my “Calling-on” exercise, Ms. Ng is the informal caregiver and she has to provide…show more content…
These different aspects can be found in Ms. Ng’s case. According to Langford and colleagues (1997), emotional support includes is showing love, care and empathy to the receiver. During the recovery period of Mr. Chan, Ms. Ng stayed with him every day. Moreover, every time she made fish soup, she grinded the fish meat. From these actions, Ms. Ng showed her love and unselfishness. Instrumental support is providing something that is tangible. Ms. Ng always cooks for Mr. Chan while he is sick. Moreover, their children provide money for the medical fee. These materials given by Ms. Ng and her children are count as instrumental support. Next, Kraus (1986) defined informational support as something advice for the one who need help during enduring stress. Ms. Ng provided a lot of advice for her husband to speed up the recovery, such as what kind of food should and should not be eaten. Ms. Ng always asks her husband to do more exercises so that her husband can maintain a healthy body condition. Lastly, appraisal support is counted as the help in problem solving and decision-making. When Mr. Chang was diagnosed with gastric cancer, Ms. Ng helped him to make decision on the operation. Also, Ms. Ng is usually the decision maker of the family. Social support is just like can shield that protect the support receiver. Cohen and Wills (1985) proposed that sufficient social…show more content…
Ng case, the hospital allocation and health promotion are needed. Since Mr. Chan lives in the eastern district, the hospital allocated for him should be the nearest one. But in fact, he was allocated to the southern district and Ms. Ng needs to take a long travelling time visit him. So, the government’s medical policy should have some adjustment. If a nearer hospital is allocated, travelling time and travelling cost will be greatly reduced. Health promotion is also important. Making health education is a good way to lower the chance of sick. Avoiding hospitalization and maintain a strong body are the way to avoid all kinds of

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