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INTRODUCTION OF CONTEXUAL PROJECT Contextual learning project engage student in academic work applied to a context related to their lives, communities, workplace or the wider world. Projects may range in length from a single class period to a semester long exploration. Contextual learning might connect classroom learning to community service opportunities. It might also connect classroom learning to career interests. Above all, contextual learning projects help the student to put into practice the popular quote of Goethe “Knowing is not enough; we must apply, willing is not enough; we must do”. Concept 1: Nurse as an Educator This concept is taken from module 1 of block 4 entitled “Health education” 1.1 Significance of the Concept A nurse is a person who is trained and licenced by the regulatory body of his/her country to give care (Help) to people who are sick or injured. Nurses work with doctors and other health care workers to make patients well and to keep them fit and healthy nurses also help with end of life needs and assist other family members with grieving (Wikipedia, 205). Nurses work in so many places.…show more content…
Many people who are admitted in the hospitals today or that falls sick including those that have recumbence and complications secondary to their disease conditions are mainly because they lack the knowledge on how to prevent and manage such conditions better. This explains why patient teaching is recognized as an independent nursing function because nurses as education are trained on how best to ensure that patients are giving needed education on how to prevent illnesses and diseases and how best to manage it. To further establish the usefulness of this concept, international council of Nurses (ICN) endorses health education as an essential component of nursing care delivery state nurse practice acts have universally includes teaching with the scope of nursing

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