Rodeo Animals In Animal Abuse

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Rodeo animals and how they are not abused. Could you imagine treating an animal that cost more than most houses inhumanely? People all over the United States think that rodeo companies treat the rodeo animals inhumanely. In reality a 1500 hundred pound bull is not going to be forced to do something it does not want to do, they have a mind of their own. Animals in rodeo are not abused because, contractors put more time into the animals than they put in with their own family, the bulls are bred to do this job, and also the animals only have to work thirty seconds a week or less, depending on the animal. Stock contractors spend most of their days in the barn taking care of theirs animals and don’t return to home until after dark. Rodeo bulls take lots of care to make sure they are top shape to buck; whether it is exercising, feeding, watering, doctoring, or even having a bovine chiropractic work on them. Also if the contractor is raising young…show more content…
They think that animals are mishandled in the back pens. Also that they wrap a rope around the bulls genitals to cause pain to make it buck. This is incorrect because animals aren’t getting abused because they are hit with a little plastic stick. If you watch the animals react, it won’t even flinch because it won’t feel it and it doesn’t harm the animal at all. The hide on cattle is seven times thicker than the skin on a human. Also when people see a flank strap on a bull they think it is on its genitals and that it is intended to inflict pain on the animal so it bucks. This is not true at all the flank strap is intended to give the bull something to kick at so it kicks higher. The flank goes around the flank of the bull and puts pressure on the flank of the animal, it goes nowhere near the genitals and doesn’t touch them at all. The people that think this just haven’t had the chance to be properly educated about the sport and what it is like being around the

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