Model Of Individualised Person Centred Care

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Making use of a model of individualised person centred nursing can enhance care for older people. Person centred nursing can raise awareness of the importance of respect for the individual. The recognition of older people as partners in their care can be promoted in clinical practice by applying the principles of person centred care. There are many different models of care including patient centred care, relationship centred care, resident centred care, woman centred care, family centred care etc. Patient centred care is a relatively newly developed model of care that began to emerge in the mid-1900s. Psychologists such as Carl Rogers proposed a shift from the medical model of care to a more client centred model. Rogers…show more content…
To implement change, there needs to be a system that enables and supports change. Facilitation is essential for this and is directly linked to person centred care and development practice. Facilitation requires time to develop and is a skill that involves learning to take risks and getting to know yourself. It places more importance on enabling and supporting the person rather than focusing on outcomes. It treats each person receiving care as an individual. The nurses as facilitators play a key role in helping the individuals and teams change for the better by acting as a guide and support system. (HSE,…show more content…
It requires all of the 4 components to be present and maintained. According to Martin & Carey (2009), nurses need to recognize and interpret choices made by people with limited communication skills such as an older person with dementia. Tensions in healthcare can be managed by providing individualised care that is integrated and follows all standards and protocols (Price 2006). While all the nurses providing care for the older person tries to provide patient centred care, many challenges arise including the transient contact that some nurses have with the person. Examples include agency working and working in outpatients departments. This can be overcome by implementing compassionate care into the existing model of patient centred care. Compassionate care means being able to relate to the older person and implies a level of interdependence and reciprocity. Thus the older person is understood and provided with good compassionate care. (Dewar,

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