Cause Of International Terrorism

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LUNGELO SOSIBO 209536645 POLS 702 International Terrorism: Causes, Forms and Counter-Terrorism Initiatives CAUSES OF TERRORISM Causes of terrorism are not easy to identify and to define simple because they change over time. There has been different explanations of terrorism over time, however terrorism can be attributed to a number of factors such as, ethno nationalism, Alienation /Discrimination, Religion, Socio-Economic Status and Political Grievances. Ethno nationalism Ethno nationalism is a situation whereby a population is attempting break away from a government or a ruling power and attempt to create a state of their own. This could result to the formation of terrorist groups. This was often seen in the 20th century when regions and…show more content…
States can make the use force or the threat of force, without necessarily declaring war, to terrorize citizens in order to achieve a political goal. It has also been argued that states participate in international terrorism, often by proxy. The United States considers Iran the most productive sponsor of terrorism because Iran arms groups, such as Hezbollah, that help carry out its foreign policy objectives. The United States has also been called terrorist, for example through its underground sponsorship of Nicaraguan Contras in the…show more content…
Cyber terrorism Cyber terrorists make use information technology to carry attacks on civilians and draw attention to their cause. This means that they make use of information technology, such as computer systems and telecommunications as tools to orchestrate a traditional attack. More often, cyber terrorism refers to an attack on information technology itself in a way that would totally disrupt networked services. For example, they could disable networked emergency systems or hack into networks housing critical financial information. However, there is wide disagreement over the extent of the existing threat by cyber terrorists. Eco-terrorism Eco-terrorism is a recently invented term describing violence in the interests of environmentalism. In general, environmental extremists disrupt property to inflict economic destruction on industries or actors they see as harming animals or the natural environment. These have included fur companies, logging companies as well as animal research laboratories Nuclear

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