The Future Essay: Education Shaping The Future

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Education Shaping The Future As a child we dream of our future in several ways .Who will we marry, what will be our occupation, how big will our family be and most importantly will we be happy. The thing often overlooked in childhood is how everything shapes our future. Every action adds to an experience that contributes to a big picture utimatley forming the future we dream of. As a child I had many dreams wanted to be a lawyer,doctor astronaut , famous star these things were alll driven by the need to have money and accquire nice things. The part that I overlooked was the key role education had on my ability to acheive those goals. I did not pay much attention in school and was always a dreamer thinking of ways to get around education. This later had a great effect on my future and the ability to provide for my family.There are serveral instance I can recall that I feel if I had taken more seriously could had led me to a road of more acadmeic success and financial security. Before I was old enough to attend school my mother bought me a learning pad with lots of games to help improve my ability to learn. My…show more content…
I had my first child at the age of sixteen and realized things had to change for me. I moved to a smaller town and started to focus education more than ever. For me it was time to play catch up because I could not let my child or family down I had to gradute on time. So my last years in high school I focused and was able to get my GPA up to a 3.0 and maintain it. My senior year was the most exciting time in my life as I knew I would be graduating and accomplishing a life long goal. As I walked across the stage and recieved my diploma my heart was racing.I came along way from that little boy who was held back a grade those years ago. But, after the goal was accomplish I realized now what. I was unsure if college was for me and if I could handle it and my

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