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Joshua Painter 1615435 English 1304-11303 Evaluation essay of Every pianist knows the feeling of elation when they sit behind a massive grand piano and get lost in a world of music. However, increasingly more people never experience the joy of playing a real piano because of the misguided notion that pianos are old-fashioned and unimportant. Sadly, most people settle contently for the inferior capabilities of a digital keyboard or, worse even still, never attempt to play at all. (, the official website of the world-renown piano manufacturing company, Steinway and Sons, counters this trend by marketing its pianos as innovative, contemporary, and in such a way that establishes Steinway as…show more content…, “About”) to then link the claims of quality to the distinctive playing and listening experience a hand-made Steinway brings. As a pianist myself, I value the fact that every Steinway is different because the uniqueness in the sound and variability of touch between instruments gives rise to creativity and inspiration that would otherwise not exist if all instruments were merely monotonous duplicates of one another. Yamaha, one such example of a company that mass-produces clones of instruments, relies completely on machines to manufacture its pianos, making all the pianos of a certain model effectively identical. While this creates consistency between different Yamaha pianos, the experience of playing one, for me, is boring and uninspiring compared to any of the hand-made piano brands. This attitude of dissatisfaction with industrialization is the root the website’s claims about Steinway’s superiority, and is what gives confirmation to Steinway’s assertions. In a world that is so advanced in technology and automation, tries to convince its customers that there is still timeless value in the skills and artistry of Steinway’s individual craftsmen and the human aspects ingrained in their…show more content…
However, with the countless testimonies of artists who depend exclusively upon Steinway pianos for their careers, puts into perspective how genuinely exceptional each Steinway piano truly is. The most significant quotes on come from legendary concert pianists and composers who set in place the very foundations of excellence within the realms of musicality and professionalism: “Dear Mr. Steinway, I am very happy to have the opportunity of using your pianos for my concerts. I consider them to be perfect in every way. Faithfully yours,” ---Sergei Rachmaninoff (,

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