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Shakespeare’s Relevancy Today Hannah Tebbe Bishop Fenwick High School Abstract Although Shakespeare has been dead for over four centuries, his legacy and his works continue to live on in today’s world. William Shakespeare has gained many followers because of his great storytelling skills and his exceptional way with words. Not only did he have a way with words, Shakespeare understood the human condition and, therefore, he was able to relate his plays and characters to the everyday person, making his works that much more enthralling. Shakespeare and his writings are still studied, read, and taught by students from the high school to collegiate level, as well as adults throughout the world. The keys to Shakespeare’s success and his writing’s…show more content…
The preceding line from As You like It and a majority of Shakespeare’s plays, still apply to today’s society, as people continue to be “players” on the “stage”. Despite the gap of over 400 years since his death, William Shakespeare’s plays and writings are one of the most studied and read pieces of literature in today’s education systems. Through the course of his life, Shakespeare wrote over thirty-five plays and influenced the English language, which with some adjustments have become the style of the 20th and 21st centuries. Shakespeare is still relevant for today's education and his writings have transcended the test of time due to his adaptable plotlines, universal themes, and relatable…show more content…
In 1623, Ben Jenson once said of Shakespeare, “He was not of an age, but for all time” (Shakespeare, 1995). The prior statement applies to Shakespeare as his plays continue to be recreated in modern movies as a result of how the plays address aspects of human life that remain prominent in today’s culture. In addition, 10 Things I Hate About You follows the plotline of Taming the Shrew and several aspects of the play still pertain to similar facets in the present-day. For example, Kat’s assessment in the movie, “You don’t always have to be who they want you to be, you know” (Junger, 1999), is a common struggle for a majority of teenagers as they strive to discover their own identity. Everyone feels that they must fit in to the ‘social norms’ when, in reality, they were made to stand out. In Taming the Shrew, Katherine is the epitome of this ongoing conflict, as everyone including her father, Baptista, attempt to change her unconventional ways. Not only are Shakespeare’s works applicable to the modern day, but Shakespeare’s extraordinary storytelling allows for downright amusement and pleasure. As a result, a vast array of movies has been produced based on Shakespeare’s famous works of art. People throughout the centuries have thoroughly enjoyed Shakespeare’s plays

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