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The job of a welder is very complex and challenging, but never the less; it creates an exciting career financially. Each and every day a welder work is never the same. Something is always new in this career. Some days welders will spend one day to cut, shape, and combining materials to help make different parts for different industries. Many welders make different parts for the following industries: construction, engineering, automobile, and the aerospace fields. No matter which field is chosen, the job will tend to be the same all the way around. A welder often picks the different materials that are needed and arrange them based on their appropriate configuration. They create a sense of blue print to help better show the product. Welders can also fix repairs. They can make sure welding machinery and equipment is up to shape. In this essay, I will give the different areas to being a welder. Welders use…show more content…
Some employers require welders to have a high school diploma and require completion of employer-based welding tests. Other employers look for a certificate or undergraduate degree from a technical school, vocational school or community college. Welders may also learn techniques through welding apprenticeships. Welding education programs may culminate in a Welding Certificate of Achievement, Associate of Science in Welding or Bachelor of Science in Welding Engineering. Formal education programs may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few years to complete. Students in a welding program learn the art of heating and shaping metals. Required classes may include advanced mathematics, metallurgy, blueprint reading, welding symbols, pipe layout and a welding practicum. Methods and techniques taught in welding classes include arc welding, soldering, brazing, casting and bronzing. Hands-on training often includes oxyacetylene welding and cutting, shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding and gas metal arc

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