Essay On Social Media Addiction

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wailing child, to the time you use the education programs on television as a substitute for parenting. Back in the good old days before the time of the smartphones, there are those that had used handheld games as a tool of distraction too. It is ironic that one would feel that technology overwhelms when it is always there as a means to 'entertainment' and perhaps a little time out for the parents. Upon that, the addiction has lead to a phenomenon that technologies are dominating the society. It crept into our lives, conquered all our free times, making us get attached to it. Social media is hurting our mental health. The center for collegiate mental health found that the top three diagnoses on University campuses are…show more content…
We all love social media. We really do. Listing down all the points above might make us come out with a thought of getting off from it. But I personally think that merely getting off from the social media, would not make the world a better place to live. We need to contribute more. Frankly, I don’t think escape and absence is an option anymore. In fact, we could practice a “safe social”. Social media is neither good nor bad, It’s just a most recent tool we used in daily activities. All that really matters is the dark side of people. It’s our own addiction that brings out all these problems on social media. Look, when we took down a photo from Instagram because it does not get as many likes as we expected, we do not blame the social app itself. Instead, it’s because of our own insecurity. It’s not the apps make us write hateful posts. When we talk about cybercrimes, we are not referring to the dark side of social media but the human. We lost our humanity out of the jealousy and immature act that eventually leads to unexpected consequences. Therefore, we should recognize the problems and find the solutions to fix it. Most importantly we should have model good behavior. When we are small we often taught to be respectful and treat others politely. We cannot just leave all this moral values behind,
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