Essay On Environmental Values

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Introduction With the growing number of green charities and great effort on teaching people about the environmental conservation, we are now more familiar with this topic. Many scientists contribute the weird climate and frequent natural disasters to climate change or more precisely to global warming. To make improvement on this precarious situation, many nations have got meetings to discuss how to address this big problem and finally reach an agreement to cut down on the carbon dioxide emission during few decades. However, the speed of global warming did not slow down as many developing countries did not comply with the agreement. Form this issue, many people got a conclusion that solving the global warming problem is not about the effort but the will. There is a statement posted by Tickell, used to be a British diplomat and lectured widely on the policy implications of climate change, that when considering…show more content…
Together with lack positive mindset, society will not take actions to prevent climate change from deteriorating. Value With regard to the climate change, the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of people are affected by their values or by things they value most. Different value results in different outcome and positive value towards environment can have great help for combating climate change. Religious Value In many regions, religious value plays an important role in preservation of environment owing to their perspective on nature. Some religions see nature as important as human being so that people with these religious values are more willing to protect and take good care of the environment. To illustrate how religious value affects people’s attitude and behavior to climate change, some examples are listed out as
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