Personal Narrative: Isolation In The Most Social Form

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“Isolation in the most Social Form” It was the start of freshman year in high school where I began my rebellious streak defying the upperclassmen and started to find a growing niche of friends and new interests. High school felt like a breath of fresh air, however, slowly and surely classwork and homework started to build up- leaving me no time for sleep between managing my time for class and extracurricular activities. Overbooked, and without enough time in one day could way to describe my high school experience. Nevertheless, I was enjoying my first year in high school, and everything seemed to be going great. I earned a few metals running with the cross country team, exceling in my classes, and spending time with teammates and friends. In addition, my parents were getting ready to welcome the newest member of our family, my younger brother Julian—who would eventually turn…show more content…
Every day after school I would have practice, and almost every weekend I had a meet. I spent most of my time running through sandy, rocky, muddy, and grassy courses for races, and either the red rubber track, or pavement streets of Secaucus. The burning in my legs gave me a push to step away from the stress my family was feeling and the same concern we all shared, “is Julian going to be alright?” Running and cross country made life feel like a faraway dream, and the stress and issues at home not real. I could escape away from with cross country. The overall anxiety I was experiencing melted away into a different and faraway land when I ran with the team- “rather, when he sees them, they often remind him if the person he once was and the life he earlier shared with them,” (Rodriguez 341). Cross country provided me with a “mental calm,” (Rodriguez 340) and it was amidst the panting and the burning in my lungs that my greatest thoughts prosper and my separation between home and school

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