The Pros And Cons Of Propaganda

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Introduction Propaganda remains a relatively unformed concepts despite the fact that it was defined by many scientists with different ways. This is reflected in the uncertainty and absence of agreement between several ways used to explain the phenomenon. But still some aspects of propaganda can be studied without unconditional agreement in political and other sciences. Propaganda in many cases is associated with a distortion of the truth and such expressions as ‘brainwash’, ‘lie’, ‘manipulation’, ‘disinformation’ and everything that’s connected. This term became pejorative and, consequently, «whirled in a fuzz of guesses and presumptions» . One 1 of the most difficult and debatable questions is ‘How to define propaganda?’ It was studied since the…show more content…
Consequently, definition of propaganda as a manipulation don’t suit properly - possibly, actor doesn’t manipulate the society opinion, but ‘push’ on the certain part of civil consciousness. In our project we suppose that propaganda research can’t be useful without historical context. First of all, the usage of certain message will be feasible only if it suits historical context. Also history influences the message, and frequently propagandists use some events in the past to acquit current doings, to show succession or to show radical distinctions. We assume that reaction of the society can influence the message in future and change it somehow. That is why for the periods of comparison sufficiently big periods of time were taken. For example, Russia between 1994 and 2001 had been passed through several landmarks - unformed government after soviet crash, several presidential elections, conflicts inside the country. Chechnya were presented as a troubled region - and it was truth, but the message was used for creating stability and for electoral support. Several times electoral mood had changed - and new government adjusted to it. 16 Cawte M. Op. cit. P.

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