Descriptive Essay On A Mental Hospital

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Mental Hospital I was twelve years old, just about to start in eighth grade, when it happened. It was late at night, and I was walking down the street only wearing a pajamas. In my right hand i was holding a teddy bear, Mr.Willy was its name and I have hade it since I was five years old. Right between The candy house and the grocery store stood Alice, and she was not happy. “Why are you so late Bethany? I've been waiting here for over thirty minutes!” She said, “Sorry i had to wait until my mom and dad fell asleep” I said. We walked together down to the middle school where we met Tiffany, and then we all went on top of the school roof. Alice and Tiffany started arguing about if we should go down or not. I could see in Alice face that she was very angry. Tiffany was only anxious, and I, didn't know what i felt. I thought it was so cool that we were on top of the school roof but at the same time, I was also a little scared that something would happen. “ What if there were cameras there, and that the video would be sent to the police…show more content…
There she was, laying on the ground, with a branch through her body . Alice had pushed her. Pushed her thirty meters down from the roof. “Why the fuck did you do that?! What the hell is wrong with you?!” I said, “What did I do? You pushed her. Freak!” She said to…show more content…
They only thought that if Alice said something it would be true. Alice looked like good girl, of course she would be telling the truth. But they where wrong. Alice was the mentally ill girl. Not me. Alice was the one who pushed my friend Tiffany down from the roof so she got a branch through her stomach and died. But of course, everyone believed Alice, and why wouldn't they? She came from a rich and healthy family with no reputation. And i? I came from a poor family where my two brothers were in jail for steeling, so i get it. I understand why everyone thought it was

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