Essay On Passive Voice

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1. Ronit: I rarely use the passive voice in two ways: the first is using the passive voice in order to write a scientific genre. This is hardly been used by me, due to the fact I don't tend to do scientific experiments. The second kind of use for the passive voice that I rarely tend to use is when talking about a general truth. The reason I use it less is because I tend to use less generalizations as a way of expressing my opinion. Tair: 2. We were surprised to find out that in Chinese there is no specific verb form for the passive voice and almost no use for it. It is mainly used for describing unpleasant events. In the Turkish language, passive voice is only used when you want to make an 'agentless' clause. Another surprising example for a specific use of the passive voice, was found in Aguaruna, where passive…show more content…
3. We have learned and noticed differences in the use of the passive voice between English and Hebrew. The passive voice in English can be used in almost every structure. In Hebrew, the passive voice is limited in use and in structure. It's use is much more limited and common, and the "binyanim"- and structure that it can be used are also limited. It is mainly used in "binyanim": הופעל and פועל that correspond English well. In other "binyanim": נפעל and התפעל it can be also used for different purposes. 4. Passage One The Dean of the College was told about Rita’s cheating. All her tests have been reviewed by her professors; her papers were also reread. Most of the papers had been plagiarized. She has already been expelled from her psychology class. Meanwhile, her parents were notified last night. Cheating, in any form, is detested by all professors, so dishonest students are dealt with severely. Rita will be dismissed from the college, but she is being consoled by her roommate. תרגום מקטע
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