The Four Types Of Government In The United States

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A government is a group of people who govern a particular nation, state, or community. Government plays a very important role in leading, and retaining the order and the peace in that particular nation, state, or community. There are numerous types of government, which each share many similarities and many differences. All of these types of government are very important to the world we know today. A few examples of the types of government are: a Democracy, a Monarchy, a Dictatorship, and an Oligarchy. In a democracy, the people of the area are the governing peoples. All of that population has the right to participate, such as voting, or being a part of a government organization, or running to become a government official. There are two different types of a democracy: a Representative Democracy, and a Direct Democracy. In a Representative democracy, officials are elected to represent a group of people and their ideas and opinions on political issues and decide the laws for them. The United States is an example of a Representative Democracy. A direct democracy is the opposite of a representative democracy. In a Direct Democracy, the people decide on all political issues, policies, and laws directly. An example of a Direct Democracy is Switzerland.…show more content…
There are numerous types of Monarchies that exist. There are Absolute, Constitutional, Diarchy, Elective, and Hereditary types of monarchies. In an Absolute monarchy, the monarch, or leader, has absolute power over his/her people. In a constitutional monarchy, a king or queen is the Head of State, and all of the power lies within a parliament that has been elected. A Diarchy consists of two people or monarchs who are head of state. An elective monarchy is ruled by and elected official, whereas in a Heredity monarchy, the power is passed down through a
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