Battle Of The Aleutian Islands Essay

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The Second World War was the first conflict on American soil after the Civil War. American entry into the war started with the bombing, on December 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbor. The Japanese conducted other minor attacks on the west coast of the US mainland, but no full scale attack. However, the Japanese did attack a string of American islands that are part of Alaska, known as the Aleutian Islands. The Japanese and the United States have always had a questionable interaction between one another. The Battle of the Aleutian Islands, also called the Forgotten Battle, has an interesting story of the Aleutian people, the weapons of the opposing sides, and the interactions of the two countries. The Aleutian people, more specifically those from Kiska and Attu, are the inhabitants of the U.S. territories off the coast of Alaska. The people here often refer to themselves as Unangas and Sugpiaq. Ancient Aleuts arrived on the islands around 2000 B.C. The villages were situated near the shoreline, close to fresh water, good space for boats, and safe from surprise attack. Traditionally, villages were made up of related families in extended family households, in well-insulated semi subterranean homes. Kinship was through the…show more content…
It is known as the Forgotten Battle, but will hopefully one day be heard by all who could possibly have something to learn. The battle had a very eventful story with a lot of repercussions to innocent people. It was a difficult time in American history that was not hidden, but was also not displayed at a successful military achievement either. The large selection of weapons, the struggle and loss of the Aleutian people, and the unfortunate disagreement of two power countries shaped a critical part of America’s history. It is important that this piece of history is known by all who are a part of this country’s past, present, and

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