Soviet Accomplishments During The Cold War

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Soviet Accomplishments During the Cold War, the Soviets set out to make many accomplishments. Achievements like being the first country to release the first artificial satellite, Sputnik, into space. The Soviets had riots that led to revolution with Czar Nicholas II and had him and his family overthrown and killed. The Soviet were able to make nineteen different ballet schools. Two of which were famous Bolshoi and Kirov. The Cold War however brought up tensions between the communist Soviet union and the capitalist United States. Communism is a theoretical economic system in which property is owned by the community. In other words, the government gets to what type of supplies you need and what type of job you have. In capitalism, people are free to have private business and get to choose what items they will buy. In 69 years, the Soviet Union accomplished many achievements like social economics, Soviet ballet and military strength should be recognized and written in…show more content…
Beginning in 1980, the Soviets were able to accomplish a literacy rate of 99%, the same as the United States. In comparison to the U.S., the Soviet Union was geographically ponderous. The United States covered a total of eight million, six hundred and ninety-four thousand square miles. Whereas the Soviet Union covered eight million, six hundred and forty-nine thousand square miles. This meant that the Soviet people had much more space to live in than the Americans. According to document B, the Soviets had nine million cars rather than the Americans with one hundred and twenty three million cars. With less cars in the country, this meant that the Soviets had much less traffic and did not have to worry about having a shortage of gasoline. Less cars, more space and a great literacy rate meant that the Soviet Union was a great space to live

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