A Short Story: Peterman's Breakout

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Peter calls Madeline to break the news that he won’t be able to meet her for their date. She is reasonably upset, and hangs up on Peter mid-sentence. Peter tries calling back several times, but Madeline never answers. He goes back to his desk frustrated and angry. Pau’s attempts at trying to cheer him up are futile. Elsewhere, Thomas and Randy are meeting in a conference room about the newsletter. Randy has taken it upon himself to fill up one of the whiteboards with possible headlines, and he is going through brainstorming exercises. Thomas is drawing wieners on the table. Thomas explains to Randy that nobody ever reads these newsletters and jokingly says that they could write whatever they want and nobody would ever notice. This idea…show more content…
He then shouts at Pau and Peter to come back into his office because he has an errand for them to run for the party. He hands them a bag and writes an address on it. He instructs them to “ask for Glen” and to “exchange this bag for another bag”. When Peter asks what this is all about, Daven dances around the subject before ultimately conceding that it is for drugs. He tells him that is customary to bring drugs to a Dangcrease banger as a party gift, and anyone who does not, is considered disrespectful. After more back and forth between Daven and Peter, Daven once again pulls the “I’m your boss, I can fire you,” card, and Peter gives in to Daven’s…show more content…
They laugh before realizing that that is a very real possibility. Peter and Pau follow their GPS into a rough neighborhood before finally arriving at the address. When they knock on the front door, they are greeted by a mountainous, hairy, beast of a man named Glen. When they hand Glen the bag, he looks inside before yelling at his husband---who is also named Glen but who often goes by the moniker “Little Glen”---to go get the package labeled “American Pharoah”. Peter and Pau looked relieved that Daven’s form of payment has been deemed sufficient. Not long after, a short, pale, scrawny and overall disgusting individual (Little Glen) brings the bag to the door. Peter and Pau leave and the transaction would appear to have gone as smoothly as a deal for a horse tranquilizer can go. However, as they begin to drive off, Little Glen, seemingly out of nowhere, jumps on the hood of the car in a furious rage. He is angry because their seats are 5th row, and there are no VIP passes included. A lot of screaming ensues, followed by a terrifying snarl let out by Little Glen. Peter swerves the car and finally manages to shake Little Glen off the hood. They speed off, but they can still hear the

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