Four Pillars Of Outward Bound

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Outward Bound, a course that challenges people, helped me get to know myself better. It helped me do tasks I never knew I could do. Kurt Hahn, the founder of Outward Bound, started these courses. In the wars, the older people on the ships would survive, but the younger ones did not know how to survive. Kurt Kahn wanted to teach younger people how to survive and help create a greater chance to survive. The four pillars at Outward Bound include craftsmanship, physical fitness, compassion, and self-reliance. People that use crafty and artistic skills use craftsmanship. Physical fitness means working out or doing a type of training for our bodies. Compassion means a deep feeling of sympathy and sorrow for someone else. Compassion also means to…show more content…
Anytime that someone would get hurt, everyone would stop to check that they became fine. If someone felt that she could not handle the weight of her bag, people would volunteer to carry gear. We helped each other get through a whole week in the wilderness. While we lived and spent a whole week together, we learned compassion, craftsmanship, self-reliance, and physical fitness. When someone needed help, we would always use compassion and help out our classmates. My classmates and I relied on ourselves to carry the heavy bag and hike all those miles every day. We used craftsmanship when we made the tarps and when thinking of tasks to do when we received extra time. My crew and I hiked all those miles and we used physical fitness and strength. I pushed my crew and told them that they could make it to the campsite. I became enthusiastic, encouraging, and passionate to all my crewmates. I offered my strength and the ability to carry heavy gear to my group. I showed self-reliance, physical fitness, compassion, and craftsmanship to my group. I showed self-reliance by caring all my objects in my bag without any help. I received physical fitness after all those miles of hiking with heavy bags and finishing the two mile walk/run. When someone wanted to give up, I created compassion for him/her. After learning how to build a tarp, I used craftsmanship. I showed leadership when I encourage everybody and told them that they could make it to the next campsite. Many of my classmates in my group pushed each other and helped one another get through the week. They helped make food, carry heavy water holders, filter water, set up the tarps, clean, and encourage one another. The strong boys in our group carried the heavy objects. The girls encouraged and helped everyone throughout the week. Lawson and Harry carried the mama seals everyday and they carried some of my gear when I twisted my ankle. Ruth and Clark made everyone

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