Essay On The Seventh Amendment

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There are twenty-seven amendments to the US Constitution giving all US citizens a variety of rights. You may ask, but why is this important? Is there a reason we should even know about them? Truth is, yes, we do have to know them for privacy reasons, government issues, protection, and within others. In the next couple paragraphs, ten out of the twenty-seven amendments will mentioned in specific detail for a better understanding. Being a US citizen has its perks, but knowing the amendments of the Constitution is something every citizen should consider, especially the first. Freedom of speech is one of the most important. If people want to share their opinions on how the government is doing, they are able to do so without the fear of getting in trouble with the law. It’s also a way to defend one’s self from courts, but in an unharmful way. Freedom of religion is another right to the amendment that is also very important. Freedom of religion is the choice whether a person decides to practice a religion or not. When people are allowed to have freedom of…show more content…
In the US there are two types of court systems which are the Federal and the state. First, this amendment ensures that citizens have the right to have a court. It also helps us because the common law or civil law court hear their case on a Federal level by a jury. It also help people providing a jury trial. For example, in a jury case it is protected and no one can change the fact or otherwise it will be examined by another court of the United States. As well as, a person committing a crime and the police didn’t find any evidence against them so they can free to go. It indicated that if the court didn’t had an evidence against criminal and the court lets him to go and later,police find evidence against criminal so they can’t arrest that person again. The last thing it shows to us is that the seventh amendment is very important and

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