The Four Olds Chapter Summary

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Ji-Li, the main character, is a young smart Chinese girl who wants to try out for the Liberation Army Arts Academy (a national dance group). Unfortunately, her parents forbid her to tryout because of their social class. Throughout the whole book, the government of China is trying to destroy the Four Olds and establish the Four New. So, the government comes into Ji-Ji's school and forces them to bash their teachers by writing about them on a da-zi-bao. Which Ji-Li doesn't do. Later on The Red Guards (government people trying to establish new Communist views) come in to Ji-Li's household and basically trash it and take out everything that is a four old. Ji-Li's father gets detained because of his foreign views non-communism way of living. So,…show more content…
Mao controlled all people. Everything was dictated by your social class status, ancestors, beliefs, and respect for Mao. Mao was part of the Chinese Communist party (CCP). The communist party believed that everyone should be equal. Equal meaning rich were giving parts of their land to the poor. Mao's philosophy was to exterminate the Four Olds. The Four Olds were old ideas, old culture, old customs, and old habits. The Red Guards went into homes and removed everything that was considered Four Olds. Children were Mao's target. Mao wanted to start to get children to believe what he was doing was right so they would continue to believe it as they got older. Mao brainwashed kids into thinking that he was greater than their parents and school teachers began to persuade as well. During the Cultural Revolution, all those who opposed Mao and his ideologies faced severe consequences. Being that Ji-li's grandfather was a landlord and her family had enough funds to live comfortably, Ji-li's entire family suffered immensely. As the events of the revolution intensified, they began to face discrimination at their jobs, schools, and community. It was not long before Ji-li's father was held captive at the theater where he worked, being that he was accused of committing counterrevolutionary acts. Ji-li's friends and family also suffered by these turn of events as well. For example, Ji-li's dear

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