Texas Government Vs State Government Essay

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Local governments vary, state by state. In Texas, there are three local governments. These local governments are better known as counties, municipalities, and special districts. Although, they are separated into different categories, they all have something in common. Counties are administrative and judicial arms of the state. Counties are the most restricted. Special districts are limited-purpose local governments. These governments have taxing capability. In contrast to Counties, cities is a more relaxed scene. Here, workers enjoy a home rule provision. Counties usually have a form of government that combines executive and legislative branches. The amendment of about 2000 words was passed in 1933 to allow larger counties to adopt a home rule-charter, but the supplies were so limited that it was nearly impossible to operate. Cities with the population of more than five-thousand may become home-rule home units of government. General-law cities, in other words, cities without home-rule charters, must operate under statewide laws.…show more content…
In Texas, counties do not have a home rule, which allows local governments to adopt their own charters, design their own organizations, and enact laws within limits set by the state. Texas counties are structured much different than counties of other states. Example, Texas counties do not have the option of having a type of government with a professional appointed leader, such as a council manager. Sometimes, there are too many people with power within a county. Unnecessary positions being filled if you will, such as a treasury. The county is divided into four precincts, each precinct elects a commissioner to the commissioner’s court. The presiding officer from the commissioner court is the county judge in other words. Then, the county commissioners and the administrative agencies constitute the executive branch of county government. The commissioner’s court acts as a legislator as

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