The Bad Sides Of Social Media

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Trust, a movie about social media. About a girl that has gotten a facebook account and meets a psycho. Social media are websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking (Google). Some say that it is a bad thing for many reasons such as sexting, peer pressure, and pedophiles or solicitation. However, it is good because it gives social and political activism to help create more awareness, and it helps teens mature to be responsible and less gullible. Lastly, it promotes positive interactions in different ways to connect with people. That’s showing the bad sides, there are better things to it then this. Social Media should be used by all teens because it creates social benefits to people…show more content…
Social media is used to share positive information by communicating about communities, schools, etc. (Parikh 1). “...talks about sports, religion, school, and local activities. expressing themselves, pioneering social rules.” (Parikh 2)This shows that social media promotes positive interaction because they talk about things that are going on between people.The things that people are talking about are the events happening in a community (Parikh). This is because they are wanting to use social media to their advantage by using it to connect with others. When they are connecting with people they are using it to talk about things that are going on in communities, schools, etc. The important thing to notice is that people are expressing themselves, getting help in school, getting info on activities in communities. This is because social media promotes positive interaction to communicate through communities, schools,…show more content…
Social media is a good thing is because it helps teens mature. Social media helps mature them because they know what the consequences could be. Teens should be able to know how to make there own decisions. This makes them more independent, which social media also helps inforce. Social media creates positive outcomes with teens. Social media has created more sensible teens. “They are enthusiastic about the opportunities online social networking...” (Preference to ‘How Social Networking...) It has created social and political activism to help create more recognition for the world around us. It has also created supportive topics to talk about through communities and schools. Every teen should have social media to provide them with all the opportunities, remeber researchers say that we should be thankful that teens use it, not

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