Essay About Technology

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What is technology?For your information,technology means a body of knowledge devoted to creating foods,processing actions and extracting of materials.People nowdays really needs technology for helping them in every single thing.The term”technology” is wide and everyone have their own way of understanding the meaning of technology.We can also describe technology as products,process or organizations.But,people’s dependence on technology has affected creativity and communication.Yes,it is true.We can see now,people is more concern about technology and it make a big affected among people. Technology is good.But,it also have a good and a bad side effact.I reckon that 90% of us have our own gadget.But,we must be careful.The positive or the good affect is we can make new friends.Yes,by signing to the social media such as Facebook,Instagram and many more,we can have many new friends.For example,we can have friends from overseas.We can contact them using Skype or Video Call.Moreover,we can ask our teachers when we have any curious or unfamiliar questions in every subject.Plus,we can connect with our old colleagues.For example,we are in 23
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