Social Media Satire

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Eighty-one percent of kids these days have a social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram… but is that a good thing? One of the ugly sides of social media is cyber bullying which has become very common with these kids through the online barrier that the internet creates. Another example, is that social media can create a bad influence on kids. Finally, social media can create a distraction in kids from their school work and their lives. Social media can be used for good in many ways but with all the bad we should cut down on kids who use social media. Cyberbullying is the leading cause in cases of depression, failing school, and even suicide in kids, so we need to stand up and keep kids off of social media. First, about eighty percent…show more content…
To begin, social media can create peer pressure to take drugs and alcohol and that would affect these kids health. We need to keep these kids away from these addictions because one day they will do something great but the can't when their life expectancy decreases. Also, tragic images are very often on these social media sites and there are no age restrictions for kids who have a social media account. With this kids will be exposed to things that they should not even know about. Lastly, viewpoints on social media that make something "cool" will cause most teens to change what they do like their pertinacity, to disobey their parents, and not care about their school work. Social media is a bad influence for kids so we need to add restrictions for under age viewers or keep then…show more content…
Kids all around the world are failing because they rather post about you how boring homework can be instead of doing it, social media is a huge distraction to students. In a study people who spend more time on social media have a shorter attention span. In a test people's lie who spent more time on social media did worse on the test than people who didn't. Also, kids ages 8 to 18 are spending about seven hours and thirty-two a day on social media. Those kids could spend that half of a day studying so they can get a good grade on their next test. Finally, kids that spend most of their time on social media are missing out on precious time with their family. We should limit the time kids spend on social media because they could be doing something better with their

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