Negative Effects Of Oversleeping

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The detriment of oversleeping Can sleeping too much bring death to you? Everyone needs sleep and knows that the lack of sleeping causes the body to be decadent, but most people never know about negative effects which are from oversleeping. Many people like to sleep because there is nothing better than to flop down on the soft bed and take a nap after you work in a long day. The reasons that you are oversleeping may be caused by certain prescription medications or alcohol. Sometimes the reason for sleeping too much is a long week, which absorbs your energy, and makes you to be weary. However, sleeping is very important part of each day because it is the relaxation which can adjust the balance of hormone of the body and help to fix the damage…show more content…
Unfortunately, if you enjoy sleeping for long periods of time, the unexpected things will get close to you, and it increases your pain as well. Although sleep is the necessary part of life that helps you to release the tension and to enrich your body to be healthy, in my opinion, it makes a lot of troubles which affect you negatively if you sleep too much such as the risk of diseases, a ruin brain, and increasing weight. Oversleeping comes together with physical and mental diseases. Nowadays, there is a lot of research which demonstrates the problems of oversleeping. Most research shows that to sleep too much causes a lot of diseases. As a result, many physical diseases are resulted by sleeping too much such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Oversleeping affects heart to be coronary that causes to heart disease. According to Melinda Ratini, she shows that “The women who slept 9 to 11 hours per night were 38 percent more likely to have coronary than women who slept eight hours” (2016). For example, the doctor told my aunt…show more content…
In the brain, sleep is an essential role because it not only causes the mood that is easy to vary, but it also produces the strain that can destroy the brain. Therefore, the mood on each day depends on how hours you sleep. For instant, if you sleep in suitable hours per night, your mood on that day will be blissful. On the other hand, if you sleep in 9 to 11 hours per night, your temper in that day will be irritated and weak. In addition, the brain functioning is deteriorated by oversleeping. However, some people argue that oversleeping helps to improve the brain functioning and fix the problem that occur in the brain. For me, this controversy is unbelievable. Although sleeping is an important part of brain functioning, but if you take a lot of hours to sleep, it affects negatively to the brain functioning. According to Rosie Osmum, she found that “cognitive performance in three different games all peaked when people slept around seven hours, worsening with more or less rest. Other studies have also found memory impairments and decreased cognitive function with longer sleep” (2016). As a result, the controversy that oversleeping helps to improve and fix the brain functioning is false. Moreover, the ruined brain has an effect on headaches. The state of headaches is easy to occur on each day because there are many factors that make you to be headaches. According to Melinda

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