The Importance Of Humanity In Addition

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Motivation Humanity all in all, is to have a reason to do something, the need of it, as to do what you would like to achieve in the future. Every person has what is called motivation to try new things, such as playing a sport, or at school trying out a class, knowing a little about it. Those kinds give you a motivation to try, and even for a job you are motivated by people around you who have worked there or even knew about it for a longer time than you, you change yourself for who you are in a way of communicating with people differently and your actions towards people in and out of work. Although, People have curiosity of doing things, and in order to try it they need what is called motivation,. People to tell them about their own experiences…show more content…
For most, learn from their past experiences and as they grow they realize that, creates their own identity internal motivation. These factors influence who we are, and our author’s have become For some, there has been nothing that has affected them, neither made them change in any way because there lives has not been as difficult as internal motivation. However, the most important thing to shape our identity internal is changing based on the way we dress, talk and perform any action around others who are either related to us or not. To add on, In the Novel, “If you are what you eat, then what am I ?” by Geeta Kothari. The authors focuses attention mostly, about her wondering if she is defined to know who she is by either by what we eat or the culture it represents. Defining who you are based on the kinds of food you eat or your culture is internally because that is about you, yourself. A personal problem and other people there foods that they eat it could be different and not the same foods that you eat. As explained in the article, “If you are what you eat, then what am I?” Kothari explains how when she was younger she would want, the kinds of foods other kids at her school would

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