Chemical Engineering Personal Statement Essay

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I am aware that in today’s world chemical engineering has an increasingly important role across a wide range of industries from oil and gas, pharmaceuticals to petrochemicals. The broad range of career paths, and the opportunity to contribute to society through technological innovation, is for me, one of the main attractions of chemical engineering. Whilst I anticipate a challenging and demanding career, I also expect it to be very rewarding, especially when I can see projects I have worked on being built from start to completion. My focus as an undergraduate has always been with an eye toward graduate school and a career as a professional Engineer. As is often said, the journey of exploring the realm of knowledge and probing into the unknown…show more content…
Prof. Jose Hernández Santos. We examine the use of a relatively new feed stock for the design of carbon based adsorbent, characterization and application of industrial wastewater effluent. My work was very much on the engineering application side and it provides practically useful operation parameters for the adsorption process under the auspices of a project from the Chemical Science Research Committee (GSRC), UBD (Waste to Wealth…show more content…
Yet I am clearly aware the immense efforts I have to make in order to fulfill this aspiration. This constitutes the very motivation behind my present application for a Ph.D. program from the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Saskatchewan. There are some important reasons for my choosing your esteemed university. The most important reason is that its research on bio-based products is one of the strongest research orientations, which perfectly matches my past research

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