The Apple's Corporate Strategy In The Apple Company

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The Apple Company Corporate strategies greatly affect the decision process of a certain organization. In fact, Latham (2016) asserted that the goals, services, and products of a company are of no use if there is no corporate strategy because the latter serves as a guide by which a company is able to achieve its long term goals and objectives. In line with this assertion, this paper will discuss about how the Apple Company’s corporate strategies affect its decisions. The Functional Strategy To Bradley (2016), functional strategy is all about the operational management of a particular business may it be in a specific department or the organization in general. As provided for in Stony Brook University (2016), Apple's functional strategy…show more content…
With this, the company is able to enhance its performance much more in the international market. However, if the company is unable to use this strategy properly, then sustainable growth rate would definitely decrease (Boundless, 2016). Considerably, external growth strategy is like the internal growth strategy only that the former is focused more on how a company is able to make a competitive advantage especially in the international market. In the case of Apple Company, the best international strategy it has used over the years is the fact that it listens to the demands of its customers. With this, Apple can enhance the devices it produces as to satisfy its customers. Retrenchment is only appropriate when a company needs to stabilize its financial capacity by cutting…show more content…
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