Value Chain Analysis Of Apple

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Apple’s Main stakeholders are, Employees Top stakeholders group. Includes carrier development and fair compensations. Addressed by the number of the training and development sectors. Customers Second priority is stakeholders. Includes the affordable and the features of customers expected. Customers are the most valuable thing for the company. Investors Fulfil the demands of them considering as a major stakeholders. Communities It includes the interests such as environmental programs and community support. Apple is doing so well do to always keeping itself in the introduction and growth stages. The introduction stage of this company is covering up with original iPhone, iPad, or iPod However, as the growth stage is concerned, Apple has continued…show more content…
In addition each of these international branches has their own local management centres and quality assurance centres. Eg – China, Vietnam. Threshold competences – Apple supply efficient operations, effective marketing to target markets and also has capability on management of their resources. Unique Resources – The main advantage of Apple is their brand loyalty where their products and the brand is recognized all around the world such they have the capability of expanding their business over new and existing market and expanding the features with new innovative technology. Core competencies – Apple has introduced several innovations throughout their industry life cycle where there innovative technology can compete with their competitors in the market. I. Value Chain Analysis Infrastructure – Good corporate governance and leadership (+), Continuous innovation backed by R&D (+), Acquisitions and divesting non- viable businesses (+), Leaner business models and thin cost structures through redundancy programmes…show more content…
Original equipment manufacturers are the company that Apple has outsourced. Most of time apple phones and other electronics items are assembled in China. Apple focuses on user interface and industrial design to making a product that not only the highly innovative but also the user-friendly and formal in nature. Normally apple has high price than average prices in the market. 1. Conclusion In brief Apple Company is very innovative and technological company who making new innovative products as compared to other companies like Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Sony etc. These types of things usually considered as more risky but it appears to be as Apple’s advantage. Apple has Strong market position and they have good consumer loyalty which increases their products rather than competitors. So here we discussed about external and internal factors of Apple Company. First of all in the external analysis described about PESTEL analysis, Porter’s five forces, competitors analysis, stakeholder analysis, Industry life cycle. And the internal analysis described about strategic capabilities, Value chain analysis, KSF, CSF and BCG Matrix. Most of the macro environmental factors have a negative impact on Apple.Inc. Then the finally described about the strategic fit of the above

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