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Apple Inc. was established in 1977 as a company which manufactures mobile phones, personal computers, and portable music players. In addition, it also sells software, networking solutions, and peripherals. Among the products that the company sells include iPad, Apple TV, Mac, iPhone, and OS X and iOS operating systems. Apple Inc is an American based multinational company with its headquarters situated at Cupertino, California. It has been established that the company is the second leading information technology company after Samsung. In addition, it is the third largest mobile phone producer in the world. The company has undergone a number of changes since its establishment that have seen the company fail before other managerial decisions spearheaded…show more content…
however, it is important to note that the strategies that the two companies use has helped to access relatively equal market for their products. According to Vergara (2012), Samsung and Apple Inc are close competitors in the Smartphone business. However, both the companies benefit from the relationship and the unique structure (Rosario, 2012). Both the companies changed their strategy of accessing markets for their products by adopting reintegration rather than disintegration and specialization (Vergara, 2012). This would enable both Apple Inc and Samsung to maintain their position, access new markets, and determine ways of leveraging capabilities (Rosario, 2012). What has enabled Apple to become competitive is the fact that it started on concentrating on designing user friendly products. The fact that the company was able to outsource its vertical chains while maintaining its development process and design has enabled the company to seek new markets through moving from the market of personal computers and portable music players to a market smartphone market which is increasingly growing (Vergara, 2012). It has been argued that Apple Inc is currently the leading company in the smartphone sector in revenue and profitability (Vergara,…show more content…
It can, however, be argued that the decision by the company to introduce tablet computers including iPad was a way of Apple to get market share from its competitors which were producing computers (Apple Inc.’s Ethical Success and Challenges, n.d.). it has been established that the sale of personal computers, netbooks, and laptops have declined since the introduction of tablet computers (Apple Inc.’s Ethical Success and Challenges, n.d.). In addition, it has been argued that the sale of these tablet computers will increase at an alarming

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