Parachutist Role In The Army

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Parachutist The name of my career is called a parachutist. These people are in the army, military, and even the navy. You may be wondering what parachutists do, and the answer for that is they jump out of planes and go into war. Now some details about the military is they have many missions like defending the U.S and U.S interests. Some examples of military missions include rescue operations, law enforcement, natural disaster relief, and many more. The army operates with the United States Army Reserve and the Army National Guard. There are just under 500,000 soldiers serving actively in the U.S army today. The Army is hoping to get more men and women to join the Army. Parachutist play a big role in the Army, they are the ones sent in to…show more content…
The navy has just as many missions like maintaining, training, and equipping combat-ready naval forces capable of winning wars. They have to train so much, because they do not know what is going to happen, and they need to make sure that they are ready for anything and everything. They also have to worry about the safety of all the recruiters, and make sure they are following the rules and not disobeying others. They also have to maintain freedom of the seas and keep everything safe. There is also the marines. They focus on aggressiveness and the offensive combat. They are central in developing groundbreaking tactics for maneuver warfare. Now if you are not an aggressive person than you probably would not want the marines, because that's mainly what they focus on. You have to be focused all the time and give it your all, because if you don’t than there is a chance that you won’t make it through all of the training. In the marines, you still get vacation time, they pay for your schooling, and so many more things just like in the other branches of…show more content…
They also have there own kind of missions that they have to complete. There missions are broken down into Air and Space Superiority, global attack, rapid global mobility, precision Engagement, information superiority and agile combat support. It is also the aerial and space warfare service branch of the United States. There are also parachutists in this branch of government. The air force has a three core value, which includes having integrity, doing service before self, and having excellence in all that we do. The air force focuses on flying, but only a few people actually do the flying course. A lot of the airmen and airwomen work on flight support missions because the air force is not just focused on flying. There is also the coast guard. They get charged with maritime security, safety, and stewardship. They operate under the department of homeland security during peacetime, and during the times of war. They also fall under the department of transportation. During times of war and conflict, the president can move any or all assets of the coast and put them in with the Navy. Usually this gets done every single time that the United States have been involved in any sort of conflict with another

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